While it's justifiably famed for its fantastic beaches, Barbados is an island that has it all. In addition to fine powdery sand and brilliant turquoise bays, you'll find smashing nightlife, a Unesco World Heritage-listed capital, a beautiful interior dotted with gardens, and wild surf on the lonely east coast, all inhabited by a proud and welcoming populace.

Barbados is one of the thirteen countries that make up the Antilles or Caribbean Islands and is located in the Lesser Antilles. Its capital and most populous city is Bridgetown. Like all the islands in the Caribbean, Barbados has a lot to offer, especially beautiful beaches.

Culture & History

Barbados was a British colony until 1966 when it obtained its independence. It is the oldest and most developed island in the region. It received this name from the visit that the Portuguese made to their lands, based on the long, aerial roots of a local fig plant that resembled a beard.

The dominant culture in this rich island state is fueled by the people's love of music and the arts, its nightlife, sports, and its beautiful beaches.

Barbados has a fairly developed community with local music that generally revolves around reggae, calypso, jazz, ska, gospel and combinations of reggae and calypso with other styles. Despite its small population, Barbadian music thrives because people are so into music.


The cuisine of Barbados has influences from African gastronomy, due to the slaves who were brought from those lands to work in sugar cane, ingredients such as rice, peas, beans and vegetables such as okra arrived from Africa, very popular in Barbados. Barbadian cuisine is also influenced by British cuisine and a bit by Indian cuisine.

Fish and shellfish are the main base of Barbadian cuisine, the most consumed is the flying fish, but swordfish, horse mackerel, red snapper, tuna, shark, sea bream, and lobsters are also consumed.

You can find special plates like: cou cou (made with okra and corn flour that usually accompanies flying fish or cod), jug-jug: (guinea corn with peas), and pepper pot (a spiced stew with coconut milk.)

Urban Experience

Barbados has a thriving nightlife, gourmet restaurants for foodies, and a variety of attractions and activities to enjoy. The island, with a total area of ​​431 square kilometers and whose tourist and hotel epicenter is in Bridgetown, its capital, enjoys a tropical climate that remains between 26 and 31 degrees Celsius.

It has paradisiacal beaches with white sand, landscapes full of color and a cultural agenda with plans not to miss. The island also becomes an excellent destination for shopping, as tourists do not pay taxes. All they have to do is present their passport to buy whatever they want, at a good price. The stores with the highest demand are located in Bridgetown and Limegrove Lifestyle Center.

Joy and music are two very common aspects of the Bajan vocabulary (Barbadian), so it is not uncommon to suppose that there is a complete inventory of cultural events that highlight their culture. One of the most important is Crop Over, the most popular and colorful festival in Barbados, which takes place between July and August and attracts citizens and tourists around music, dance and gastronomy.

Outdoors & Adventure

Delight in the Caribbean appeal of Barbados, a majestic island that is known for its 60 beaches of crystal clear white sand. On the west coast, you can find sunny and sheltered beaches; while on the east coast, you will find beaches with corals and excellent winds ideal for surfing. Head south to dive or snorkel in the reef-filled waters.

Barbados also has a myriad of settings to relax in the midst of a peaceful environment and enjoy all kinds of entertainment and fun plans. For those who want to practice water sports such as kitesurfing and windsurfing, the northern beaches are ideal and if surfing is your thing, go to those on the east side; and if your plan is diving, those in the west are the most suitable.

One of the most common and fun plans in Barbados is sailing on a catamaran in the middle of the blue giant that under the light of a radiant sun draws a paradisiacal scene. The tour includes a walk along the west coast and has stops to dive or snorkel with sea turtles of different species, which can be seen throughout the year in all parts of the island. Another must-see plan is the Atlantis Submarine, an ideal option for those who want to get to know the aquatic universe in detail. The ride departs from Bridgetown and the submarine drops down to 55 meters deep to see animals, corals and shipwrecks up close.