We plan corporate events for companies that wish to share and celebrate as a team, and we make sure they have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Organizational triumphs, commemorating special occasions or thanking employees for their efforts are some of the many reasons to celebrate with a wonderful event.


Your event is in our hands and we cover all the needs to make it unforgettable. We are willing to listen and put all our experience, adaptability, and dedication to your service. 


Our process covers all, from knowing the company’s requirements to the day of your event:

  • Let us know your expectations in-depth, so we can have a clear idea of what you expect from your event. 
  • We’ll take care of all the details, such as location, food, transportation, entertainment, and more. Once we have this, we build the final proposal for you.  
  • We will give you constant updates about the progress of your event. We want you to be part of it! 


There isn't a hidden place where we cannot organize an event in the 5 continents. We know how important it is to have the perfect event, so our expert team will do everything for you from start to end. Let us create an event your team will always treasure in their memories!

Trips content: Munich, Germany

This company decided to join their team and create an excellent event where they could visit the main factory in Munich and learn about its operation. With meetings and conferences, they learned and enjoyed this fantastic experience.


“Bringing all our employees and organizing this event is hard work, but we left everything in the hands of Globe Guides and the results were as expected.”