In a constantly evolving world, every team must be prepared to face the new challenges that appear daily. Evolving is the key to survive in a world where small, medium and big companies have failed because they weren’t able to provide their team the tools needed to adapt. Training your team in a positive way will guarantee success for your company.


We help companies organize out-of-the-box and successful training. We take you to places where your team can find calm and comfort to make the training process easier. Your team deserves something unique, so we will arrange a customized training taking care of all the requirements needed to make it happen.


We cover all the needs our customers may have by:

  • Analyzing the information provided by them to make sure we cover all the needs.
  • Creating a plan strategically based on the destinations that fit the purpose.
  • Presenting a proposal with all the advantages and focusing on their needs.
  • Managing all the training logistics to make sure your team gets a unique and richer experience. 

The destination you choose will never be an obstacle. We can organize all the logistics as little pieces to complete the puzzle, so your training session will accomplish the goals and objectives to make the participants more knowledgeable in their lives.

This company chose this place because it has the perfect combination between the ancient period, modernity and the quietness of the ocean to engage life-changing training sessions.


“We trusted Globe Guides to execute all the logistics. The hotel, place, environment were little pieces to make the training session a successful event.”